Driving lessons in Scunthorpe


Learning to drive is fun, but there can also be a lot of questions and new information to understand. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below to help you answer some of the most common things we get asked.

How many lessons will I need?

Every student is an individual and whilst some pick things up really quickly, others take a little longer. Our aim is to prepare our students to the highest standard in order to maximise the potential for a first time pass.

Do you do intensive courses?

We will always try to accommodate our students wishes, however we believe that 2 hour lessons twice or three times a week is the way to go to get good results, as any more tends to become overwhelming for the student.

Will I have the same instructor?

Yes! We aim to build a good rapport with our students in order to build confidence and monitor progress, unless covering for holidays etc you will have the same instructor and vehicle each lesson.

Do you do automatic lessons?

Yes, we now offer automatic lessons too!

Will I have other students in the car with me at anytime?

No. We don’t pick other students up or take them home in your time. We want to ensure your lesson is totally devoted to you.

Can I cancel a pre-booked lesson without having to pay?

We understand that there will be times you need to cancel or rearrange a lesson, all we ask is that you do this before 18:00 the day prior to the lesson, to enable us to rebook that slot.  Cancellations after this time will need to be payed for on your next lesson.


Terms and Conditions

We aim to deliver the best quality driving tuition experience available. To enable us to do this all we ask is:

Lessons are paid at the beginning of each lesson. 

Cancellations need to be made 24 hours prior to the lesson.

Cancellations after this time will need to be paid for in full before the next lesson.

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