Scunthorpe Driving Lessons

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Scunthorpe driving lessons by LP Oxley Driving Tuition help people realise their true potential to become successful drivers with our friendly instructors and high-pass rate.

Being comfortable behind the wheel is paramount and with a friendly driving instructor from LP Oxley driving tuition we aim to make you a safe, confident driver.

We don’t just teach you how to pass a test, we teach you how to drive for life.


Why learn with us?

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Personal teaching

We work with you to ensure each lesson concentrates on your individual needs. We do this by creating a simple, manageable lesson plan that is tailored to you and your progress.

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Friendly tutors

We believe that people learn best when they are at their most relaxed. Therefore we aim to provide a safe teaching environment to help cope with the stress of learning to drive.

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Quality over quantity

We believe in teaching people not to pass a test, but to be safe drivers for life. Therefore we aim to deliver high quality, reliable teaching that will keep you safe behind the wheel.


Teaching you to drive for life

We strongly believe in making our students safe, confident, reliable drivers for life.

In our experience, too many students are trained to pass a test only, lacking the skills and driving knowledge to safely drive once they leave their instructor. Courses such as intensive driving lessons we believe don’t teach students correctly, and we always believe in quality over quantity.

LP Oxley Driving Tuition’s Scunthorpe driving lessons aim to provide all students with the skill to feel confident and safe behind the wheel, so you can enjoy your new found independence!

Meet the Oxleys



With over 35 years of driving experience, Les has an undoubted track record behind the wheel. Known for being a friendly instructor & calm manner, he has a high pass rate and has seen a number of students successfully pass their test at LP Oxley Driving Tuition.



Phillipa too has many, many years of experience behind the wheel and as a helpful instructor, her personal teaching style has been successful in creating a very good pass rate and helping many students pass their practical driving test.

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